Beechcraft Baron 58 (XPL11)

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Beechcraft Baron 58 (XPL11)

Příspěvek od mano » 20 zář 2017, 09:08

Upraveny default baron, vela ludi si to pochvaluje ze sa s tym lieta uple inaksie.. tak treba len vyskusat ;)

Flight model improvements:

Custom airfoils based on wind tunnel data for wings
Correct wing dihedral angle
Correct wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizer dimensions
Accurate control surface sizes for ailerons, elevator, rudder and flaps
Correct control angles for ailerons, elevator, rudder and flaps
Smaller wing segments to improve accuracy of prop wash forces
Adjusted fuselage shape, cross section, drag properties
Correct engine nacelle size and frontal area
Simulated cowl flaps drag
Added horizontal stabilizer extension
Accurate propeller root and tip airfoils from the .org
Correct CG for payload and tanks
Correct fuel load for tanks
Realistic wheel friction
Realistic engine idle rpm and thrust
Corrected fuel flow ... ght-model/