Dreamfoil R22 SP2

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Dreamfoil R22 SP2

Příspěvek od Pips » 10 čer 2015, 15:27

Od včerejška k dispozici R22 se SP2. Kdo ho rádi létáte, stahujte ze storu aktuální verzi.

Robinson R22 SP2 - Changelog
- Changed the old saving system to use new Persistent Datarefs code, this will reduce hardware workload
and produce more reliable files for each livery information.
- Circuit Breakers should start on correct positions now
- Fixed SmartLivery corrupted font
- Improved governor algoritm, should hold RPM correctly now
- Option to hide Doors is back
- Improved MR and TR angle calculations
- New DreamEngine Implementation with Channels and bug fixes
- Improved landing gear constants and damping
- Improved MR airfoil and autorotation behavior
- Rotor Brake now uses new intensity ratio from X-Plane instead of tricks to work correctly
- Compass shake animation should be more noticeable now
- Fixed Map light range
- Min and Max G on report are set to 1.0 when reset
- Arcade mode included on Persistent Datarefs, should now remember it's state when aircraft is reloaded
- Fixed artifact on headphone shadow