DreamFoil AS350B3+ SP2

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DreamFoil AS350B3+ SP2

Příspěvek od djbuldog » 29 črc 2016, 08:57

Tak prý by SP2 mohl vyjít tento víkend :) Podle:
http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/fo ... -progress/

Service Pack 2.2
- Fixed ICAO typo now its correctly set to AS50
- Changed the way that AS350 and DreamEngine check for sim pause
- Added DreamEngine volumetric cockpit
- Implemented new GTX327 with more realistic behavior
- Decreased fuselage drag to reach slightly higher speeds
- Improved rotor management, this fixes the forever spinning rotor or windmill effect with wind
- Improved horizontal stabilizer in a way that it does not require huge amount of fwd cyclic during cruise
- Added 3D propeller for tail rotor
- Changed rotor datarefs for more efficient angle calculations
- Tail rotor spin clickspot is now hidden when rotorbrake is engaged
- Rotor brake latch work as real one now
- Main rotor animations and rigging code have been reworked
- FADEC improved to give better governor
- Blade tie system implemented
- Added ground wheels for moving helicopter at ground
- Fixed an small issue a vertex on top of windshield causing a shadow

Service Pack 2.1
- Fixed copilot leg through the console
- Fixed texture assignment on SmartMenu startup causing X-Plane startup screen to get corrupted
- Added 2D popup for Garmin 430 screen
- Fixed residual weight being kept after changing equipments
- Fixed patient/copilot weight not being released with non medical version or vice-versa
- Reduced yaw inertia by 25%, this can be increased by stability slider
- Fixed inertia relationship with stability sliders they were reversed
- Improved governor overspeed protection authority
- Adjusted 0% torque value, so with no collective it will read 0% torque instead of 8-10%
- Add rigid cruise to stability options
- Fixed non working cargo hook loadmeter
- Added strobe lights to horizontal stabilizer
- Rotor brake now have more effect when rotor is very slow
- New Commands
* Taxi and landing light default commands
- SmartMenu
* Added version information to SmartMenu and reorganized it
* Added stability to SmartMenu
* Added ability to spin tail rotor, useful to change rotor position when shutdown
- Sounds
* Improved blade slap loudness
* New sound for blade slow moving
* Adjusted blade slap 3D effect position
* Blade slap slider on volume window
* Main rotor sound with high blade pitch is now more pronounced / less soft

Service Pack 2
- Dropped support for 32 bits
- Improved flight/hover behavior
- New Garmin 430 is now available
- Added manipulators for Garmin 430 that were missing
- Fixed ICAO code
- Improved camera position/center
- Rotor-brake now uses intensity ability from latest X-Plane update
- SmartLivery corrupted font fix
- Removed skid stepper from old version
- Tail rotor neutral pitch and animation fixed
- Removed translucency from VEMD glass which was causing it to keep bright when off at night
- Improved rotor angle calculations
- Deprecated arcade mode
- New controls code to allow stability settings
- Mouse support for cyclic is back
- Fuel is now saved per livery
- Fixed missing shadows for baskets on interior view
- Fixed plugin load to avoid problems on scenery borders or multiplayer aircraft load
- Removeable co-pilot cyclic
- Added button to flash landing/taxi lights
- Added small effect to turbine interior to simulate combustion
- Fixed GPS turning on without battery/gen
- Fixed glass instruments being only visible on interior view
- Corrected small glitch causing FLIR display to being light with power off
- Custom spill lights for panel for better night lighting
- VEMD and instrument lights work based on bus voltage, dead battery will not light screens anymore
- NG performance slightly improved at high altitude
- Start now only occours when battery voltage is higher than 19V
- Fixed issue with blades transparency on clouds, now it works properly and contain shadows
- Fixed missing search light on equipment menu
- Increased lateral winch angle when open so the line dont go straight down on the skid
- Ball Indicator uses X-Plane slip indicator as reference
- Fixed copilot seatbelt being visible on medical version when moving camera
- Lateral winch and left basket equipment can't be combined, so the line does not go inside the basket
- Snow Pads are now set apart from baskets
- Gov will light during VEMD initialization
- Main Rotor improve so it will not keep spinning forever after shutdown
- Added FOV to SmartMenu
- Better handling of commands, it will search if command exist before creating again, this might fix the problem of assignments changing on reload
- New Commands
* Horizon cage
* Toggle for Headphone
* Toggle for RotorBrake
* Toggle for cyclic friction
* Toggle for collective safety lock
* Lateral winch up/down
- SmartMenu
* Clickable spots for door interaction (open/close)
* Nose menu to interact with equipments/customize menu
* Fuel pie menu to easily refuel the helicopter by clicking on fuel inlet
* Equipment and View menu keep visible after selecting items
- Sounds
* DreamEngine volume sliders for independent sounds adjustment
* Improved starter sound
* New sound for main rotor
* Exterior sounds better balanced on interior
* Removed wind noise from transmission whine